Motorola new bending smartphone wears flexible smartphone

Motorola new bending smartphone

Motorola is going to show their new concept of making smartphones they launch their new concept of bending smartphones at the Event they show the bending smartphone which fits in your hand in the place of a watch. this is so amazing bending concept.

How does Motorola new bending smartphone?

Motorola new bending smartphone

Motorola bending smartphone works in different postures like in bending form, tint, and like a normal smartphone. and you can also use this smartphone like a flip smartphone. this is a new concept which is thought by the Motorola, before this no company thought about this concept Motorola was the first which is first think about that. Motorola new bending smartphone.

In the flip position, you can use this like all flip smartphones, you can use this hands-free mode like the Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5 smartphone. You can use the 4.6-inch display. you can use hand free mode to take photos and make video from the front camera.

In this position, you can take advantage of the phone’s compact version while utilizing its 4.6-inch display. Similar to the Galaxy Z Flip line, you can use tent mode to take hands-free photos.

Motorola new bending smartphone

Motorola bending smartphone

There is a need for bending smartphones in don’t think about that because by what reason do you wear the smartphone in your hand there is a smartwatch at that time which can give all advanced features at that time, Motorola makes the screen and body of the smartphone which can bend like a bracelet and fit your hand.

As shown at the outset, you can wrap this around your wrist which can allow hand-free access to see the photos, text, messages, emails, and many more. Motorola new bending smartphone.

Motorola new bending smartphone

Moto AI is a major facet of the bendy phone.

Lenovo is introducing a generative AI model that runs on all devices, with Motorola bendy smartphone. Motorola new bending smartphone.

With the Motorola bendy phone, Lenovo is introducing a generative AI model that runs locally on the device, allowing users to have fun with their personal style. For example, you can take a photo of the outfit you’re wearing and then have your phone — wrapped around your wrist — match your outfit of the day. Motorola new bending smartphone.

official website of Motorola.

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