Oneplus 12 Price, best Reviews, and Comparison

Oneplus 12 Price, Reviews, and Comparison

  • May this smartphone be launched in China in December?
  • The global launch of this Oneplus 12 reportedly happening in January or February.
  • Could the cost of this OnePlus 12 Pro be more than the OnePlus 11?

we were not sure about the OnePlus 12 launch on that date but it is likely launched in 2024 as OnePlus launches its new smartphone.

The Oneplus 11 was launched in January 2023 but this launch is only for China and the next month they globally launched the Oneplus 11. and the previous launch of Oneplus was the Oneplus 10 Pro which was launched in January 2022 and the Oneplus 9 series launched in March 2021.

From some earlier launches of Oneplus, we noticed that they launched their most smartphone only in three months January, February, and March. We Probably think that this smartphone launch date.

This new smartphone of Oneplus will probably launch in the month of December in 2023 in China and globally they launched in the month of February. this is the awaited smartphone of Oneplus users. This is not an official date of Launch.

Oneplus 12

Display and Design of Oneplus 12

  • Could have either a 6.7-inch or 6.82-inch FHD OLED screen.
  • The brightness level might be up to 2,600 nits.
  • and the refresh rate is 120Hz.
  • They build more premium than the OnePlus 11.
  • Could they have proper water resistance?

OnePlus 12 full specification has been leaked and revealed that they have a 6.7inches FHD OLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz and the peak brightness of the display is higher than the 2000nits. you can take the reference from the Oneplus 11 has a peak brightness of 1300nits which is brighter than the Oneplus 11 and other normal smartphones.

additionally, it is claimed that the IP Rating of this smartphone is an Upgrade from the previous series of Oneplus smartphones which is one of the new levels of water resistance. the screen resolution of this smartphone is 1440 X 3168 and the refresh rate is 120Hz.

You can see in the images above this is similar in design to Oneplus 11 but they have some differences in property, camera, and some other features like camera, shape, and size. The camera blocks look like some different and the flashlight is in different positions Puch hole display and smaller bezels than the previous. They have shown

Oneplus 12 Price

Camera of Oneplus 12

  • The main camera is 50MP, 50MP ultra-wide, and 64MP 3x zoom camera.

From the information our team collected, the main camera of this smartphone is 50MP, and the Ultra-wide of this smartphone is also 50MP and 64MP, everybody knows Oneplus by their build quality and best camera features in every smartphone Oneplus we find that the best build quality and the best camera. This smartphone, the Oneplus 12 also has the best cameras.

Not only would the ultra-wide and periscope cameras have more megapixels and new sensors this year, but the latter of those would probably also optically zoom further than the 2x of the OnePlus 11’s telephoto snapper. Periscope lenses are usually used for 4x zoom and upwards, so 4x or 5x optical zoom seems possible if this leak is right.

Oneplus 12 price in India 2023

The battery of Oneplus 12

  • Battery capacity of 5400mAh.
  • Fast charger of 100W.
  • A 50W wireless charger may be offered by Oneplus.

The battery capacity of this smartphone is 5400mAh and the fast charging support of 100W is a super fast charger and a 50W wireless charger may be offered by the Oneplus. In this busy lifestyle, we need more battery capacity for smartphones this is the perfect smartphone for the battery capacity.

official website of Oneplus.

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